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Industrial & Manufacturing Construction Projects

From crane and rigging systems, post-consumer recycling systems to many other specialty systems, CHADCO has the engineering experience to design and execute the construction on both the building and the system in it.

Some of our Industrial & Manufacturing Construction Projects

“Several years ago, I did my research and contacted a local builder that had a great reputation according to several people around town. This is when CHADCO and I began working together on a design/build manufacturing facility. They were absolutely transparent about everything from the very beginning. That project come in on time and on budget and was the cleanest job site I had ever been on. I have never felt that the builder had my best interest until working with CHADCO. They were very trustworthy and always answered my calls and questions. That worked so good I am now about three months away from finishing my second project with them and have already started the third. I feel lucky to have them as my contractor.”

Richie Richmond, CEO of Piedmont Metalworks