Successful Commercial Construction


Thinking about a new building for your business, expanding your business or renovating your current space?  Through the eyes of a professional, these are tips to help you manage the complexities of a commercial construction project and make it go much smoother for you.

1.Have reasonable time frame expectations

The planning, designing, permitting, and construction process is lengthy and requires governmental approval.  Getting approvals from these entities often takes considerable time.  CHADCO stays in close communication with these officials, often following up daily, to ensure your project is processed as quickly as possible.  

2.PREPARE FOr Thorough planning

Plan ahead, pace yourself and allow yourself ample time to think thoroughly about your company’s current needs and future goals during the design process.  Time spent upfront saves you money in the end.  Redesign and rework are something you want to avoid.  CHADCO has led hundreds of clients through this process for a successful project and we’ll do the same for you.

3.Have a realistic budget

Be realistic and open when sharing your budget with us.  This allows CHADCO to provide accurate pricing that aligns with your expectations.  Let CHADCO assist in developing your budget, so you get the most building for your money and the things that are most important to you are at the top of the list.    

4.Learn to make concessions

During the many years of building, I’ve never had a customer sit down and say, “I don’t have a budget, here’s my wish list, just build it”.  There may be concessions you make on certain finishes and perhaps in certain areas of your building. There could be certain products that don’t fit the timeline for your project. Don’t get discouraged. Depend on CHADCO to provide you with alternatives that provide an acceptable solution and still accomplish your goals.

5.Stay focused

The building process is interesting and at times demanding. We’ll work hard to minimize your time so you can stay focused on running your business, planning for the growth of your company, and planning for the move.  Don’t worry about the construction.  CHADCO has the team and the right players to bring your dream to reality.

6.Select a team that delivers

For over 25 years, CHADCO has consistently delivered high quality products in a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable price.  We have a track record that reflects our well-earned reputation.